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Why our shutters?

Welcome to the ZIELONA OKIENNICA (GREEN SHUTTER) company website

Our company manufactures PVC and ALUMINIUM closing shutters as well as UPVC decorative shutters. We offer among others automatic units for shutters and for moveable lamellas. As we are a company exclusively specialised in manufacture of various types of shutters (e.g. sliding or arched), you can be assured that they will satisfy all your expectations.

All our shutters are hand-made upon individual orders. To manufacture our shutters, we use profiles of the highest quality imported from Europe and the USA. The shutters are produced to reach the best standards and to let the purchase prices remain the lowest. To mount our shutters, we use bindings of reputable European companies, such as ROTO, FAAC, AGB. We provide all our client with professional assembly in Poland and abroad.

Our offer is dedicated to owners of houses, summer houses, guesthouses, hotels, garden centres, shops selling windows, developers, architects and private investors throughout the country and more. Should you have any questions, please, contact us by phone or e-mail, we will try to give advice and answer all the questions.

We are looking forward to doing business with all the individuals and companies that want to sell our shutters and represent the company in contacts with clients throughout Europe.


  • If you wish to purchase shutters together with windows from the Zielona Okiennica (Green Shutter) company, we can manufacture them upon your special request.


Closing shutters

Here you will find information on PVC and aluminium closing shutters manufactured on the basis of profiles imported from Europe.
  • with fixed or moveable lamellas
  • made of planks or filled with stave panels
  • Arched

Wide range of colours

Decorative shutters

Here you will find information on UPVC decorative shutters manufactured on the basis of profiles imported from the USA.
  • fixed lamellas
  • through-dyed
  • texture of wood

Wide range of colours



Here you will find information on various ways of assembly of our shutters, on bindings as well as on automatic and sliding mechanisms. We provide professional assembly of shutters throughout Europe

  • Measurement
  • Consulting
  • Pricing